Gravity Pull Media is an equity crowdfunding marketing and PR agency who assists startups in the early stages of seed and development strategically build, engage, and win over followers to maximize the momentum of a campaign and help our clients raise the most awareness possible for their fundraising efforts.

Co-founded by two industry mavericks, Grant Harvey and Pedro Flores began their own agency in August of 2016 when they defected from a previous agency they felt was under-serving companies in the Regulation A+ space. Taking their experience across multiple Reg A+ offerings (Elio Motors, XTI Aircraft, Med-X, Inc.), they contributed to Reg CF campaigns raising over $3.5M from the crowd. Our early-stage experience during our time at other agencies gives Gravity Pull Media insight and empirical knowledge that other agencies are unable to offer, as well as solid strategies that have been employed successfully across a slew of equity campaigns.